Where can I purchase your oil?

We are at the Upcountry Kula Farmer’s Market, every Saturday.  It is located in the public parking lot near Long's Drungs in Pulakani/Kula, just follow the crowds, but get there early.  We also hope to have our oil for sale soon at the Maui Winery tasting room in Ulupalakua, open from 10-5 daily.


Where are your olives grown?

We have two primary orchards, both located in upper Kula.  The Waipoli Road location is home to our newest orchard and will soon be the site of a farm stand that will feature Maui Olive Oil and other local agricultural products.  Our other more mature orchard is located on Polipoli Road in Kula and is already producing fruit for oil production.


How many trees do you have?

We estimate our orchard to have a total of approximately 5,000 trees.


How many varietals do you grow?

We are growing about 12 varieties of olives.  Most are being grown for oil, but some are both table and olive varieties.


Can olives grow anywhere on Maui?

Yes and no, olive trees will do well at any elevation.  They are drought tolerant, love sun and Maui’s rich soils.  However, it has been our experience that the trees require a chill in order to go dormant and produce fruit.  Olive trees do best between the elevations of 2,000’-4,000’. Above the Kula Hwy, and between Upper Olinda and Keokea.  We like to tell people interested in growing olives that “if you can grow bananas and papayas really well, you should probably not grow olives.”  But, “if you can grow apples, plums and peaches, then you should consider growing olives as well.”


How long does it take for olive trees to produce fruit?

It takes between 3-5 years for olive trees to produce fruit.  Here on Maui, flowers typically come in early spring (late March, early April), with fruit production starting anywhere from September through January, depending on your elevation and location.